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Why LCS IT Academy?
Be Part Of Something Great

A fantastic life-long career opportunity for young people

The IT industry is booming and technology has never been more relied upon. Are you looking to learn real-world skills in a business environment, getting hands on with state of the art technology? A career through the LCS IT Academy may be perfect for you. Explore what our two latest candidates have to say about their experience.

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Sought After Industry Recognised Qualifications

Through our partnership with QA Training, the UK’s tech skills organisation, we initially offer candidates a highly regarded Level 4 Network Engineer qualification. 

Once the 18 month qualification is completed over your 24 month apprenticeship, it doesn’t stop there, the sky is the limit. As a Microsoft Partner Organisation, candidates will have the opportunity to gain a variety of Microsoft and other partner certifications, just like the ones many of our technicians already hold. We invest heavily in our staff training, often allowing staff to determine their own path to chosen areas of specialisation.

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We're A Certified Microsoft Partner Company

As an academy student, you will work closely day-to-day with the best in the industry. The LCS technical engineers are amongst the highest qualified and experienced in the country and they will always be there to offer a helping hand and develop your skillset. Unlike similar programs, we will ensure that you are exposed to all aspects of the business allowing your learning and experience to be significantly accelerated. Allowing you to fulfil your own personal potential and ambitions. 

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Paul Cave

Paul Cave

Managing Director

Paul is a fantastic example of the opportunities available at LCS Group. Having joined the company in 2005, Paul started as a Technician in the Service Desk Team just like everyone else. His technical expertise saw him promoted to Technical Director in 2009 and by 2015, Paul had taken over as Managing Director from company owner Glenn Thow.

That's not without hard work and dedication though, Paul has been a fully qualified Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (or equivalent) since 2007, taking exams regularly to retain that status. Paul has also studied for a Masters in Business at Leeds Beckett University and is a Chartered Engineer & Chartered IT Professional.

Chris Upcraft

Chris Upcraft

Technical Director

Much like our MD Paul, Chris also started as a Service Desk Technician back in 2008. Chris' hard work and dedication to the business made him a clear candidate for role of Technical Director when the position became available in 2016.

Chris is now one of the most qualified Technical Engineers in the country. Though he is often busy on research and development, making our system deployments the most technically advanced in the region, IT Academy Technicians will still have plenty of opportunities to work alongside Chris and soak up his knowledge.

Despite Chris' incredible in-depth technical knowledge, he has a unique talent to be able to explain things in such a way that makes them simple enough for anyone to understand.

Hayden Burn

Hayden Burn

Service Desk Manager

Starting his career with LCS in 2016, Hayden joined as a Technician on the service desk. His technical expertise put customers at ease and filled them with confidence. This natural talent made him the perfect candidate for Service Desk Manager.

Throughout the LCS IT Academy Programme, Hayden Burn is one of the key people you will work with and learn from on a day-to-day basis.

Trevor Surfleet

Projects Engineer

We don't see Trevor around the office too much, and that's because he is nearly always out on customer sites upgrading systems and implementing innovative solutions for our customers as part of the Projects Team.

As an LCS IT Academy Technician, you won't just be stuck in a boring office all day, from time-to-time you'll be on the road with the likes of Trevor, on-site with the customers and getting hands on with servers, networking equipment, customer workstations etc.

Diane White

Diane White

Customer Accounts Manager

As one of the longest serving members of LCS Group, Diane has been with the company well over a decade since 2005. Naturally, Diane has held many roles at LCS and holds vast knowledge in many areas of the business.

Good customer service is second nature to Diane, and that's why she is now a dedicated Customer Account Manager full-time, attending frequent meetings with our key customers and ensuring that LCS are doing all they can to keep their business running smoothing and advising innovative solutions where appropriate to help our customers get the most from IT.

Jake OSullivan

Jake O'Sullivan

Technician (Previously an IT Academy Student)

Jake is now a full-fledged IT Technician at LCS Group, having been through our IT Academy Programme from 2018-2020. After successfully completing the programme and securing a full-time position with LCS Group himself, he will be a fantastic person to work with and absorb his experience and advice.

"Learning alongside the team at LCS has been a pleasure from start to finish, and although I've finished my apprenticeship I am still learning valuable skills every day. Now that I am qualified, LCS are going to fund my Microsoft qualifications and its just so great to work for a company that care and invests in your continual development. No wonder they're the best IT outsourcing company round here."

Gain A Qualification, Get Paid - It's Win Win!

University degrees can be expensive and are definitely not for everyoneWith our IT Academy program you still have to put in the time and effort, but all the while you will be earning for that holiday, new car or mortgage deposit – and we will cover the cost of your training.  

We believe that proactive hands on learning in a real-world scenario works better for many people rather than just academic classroom studies and our goal is to help you be better than you ever thought possible.  

At the end of the 24 month programme, there is the opportunity to continue and develop a long term rewarding career with us, at LCS Group we never stop learning and that’s what makes our industry so interesting and special.  

I wanted a career in IT since my secondary school days, but I was never sold on the idea of university where I would be left with debt and no guaranteed job after years of education. When I started my search for apprenticeships in the local area, I was disappointed by the lack of vacancies and sub-par training offered by some companies. Then I discovered the LCS IT Academy who have provided an effective training program in my home town where I have been able to learn by working alongside world class IT engineers. Now I am enjoying the ability to work independently on customers sites implementing exciting solutions for them.

Jake O'SullivanIT Academy Student of 2018 - 2020 (Now Full-Time Technician)
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Cut The Red Tape

Get hands-on with cutting edge tech

Our client systems are among the most modern and technologically advanced in the country. We support a vast range of customers from small businesses to large scale corporates, from food processing and engineering to renewable energy companies. As a result, you’ll be exposed to the most cutting-edge technology from a host of industry sectors. This varied experience will help you choose your future areas of specialisation.

Unlike university, spending a fortune on courses and qualifications with no real hands on experience, I choose to enter the LCS IT Academy to be able to learn and earn at the same time. I have been mentored by some of the most technically proficient engineers in the country which has accelerated my knowledge more than I ever expected. The atmosphere around the office is so calm and positive, it’s a quality place to work & has giving me a great head start into my career.

Kain CatorIT Academy Student of 2018 - 2020
We're A Friendly Bunch

A friendly and relaxed environment to learn

At the heart of LCS is our people – without the people, we don’t have a business. Though the work can be fast-paced, our relaxed environment makes for a calm attitude to cope when things gets busy. Being happy and ability to relax is part of our culture, we encourage our team to be able to chill out, watch some TV, and enjoy each others company during down time.

We regularly all get together for a big socials. Be it an escape room, BBQ, meal out, office party or bowling, usually accompanied with a drink or two. 

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Ready to apply and take the next step?

If you are interested in applying for the IT Academy and training towards a long term career with LCS Group then email us, tell us why and include your CV. If you want to ask any questions make sure you include your phone number and request a call back in your email.