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2 minute watch  |  Cyberwatch-002: Check Your Microsoft 365 Login Is Genuine  |  Author: Glenn Thow

Stay vigilant when logging into Microsoft 365, you could fall victim of a phishing attack.

Microsoft phishing attacks are on the rise. Just weeks ago we shared information on the WeTransfer 365 Phishing Attack which was spiralling out of control globally. Here is a really simple trick to help keep your credentials secure and to make certain you are not sharing them with cyber-criminals.

Remember: Always ensure the web address is when entering your Microsoft 365 credentials.

In today’s world, IT security has become so advanced that conventional hacking is no longer the norm and Social Engineering (tricking the end-users) is now the biggest cyber-security threat to most systems.

Cyber-criminals are becoming so deceitful with their means of building rapport and making their webpages seem so genuine that victims willingly share their sensitive login data without a second thought.

Safe Site Example:

Dangerous Site Example:

In Summary

Whilst Microsoft 365 is very secure, if an end-user willingly shares their login credentials and 2FA code with a cyber-criminal, all the built-in layers of protection never actually stood a chance at defending them.

The simplest thing you can do to help stay safe is ensure that you only login when the web address is (exactly)