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3 minute read   |  Author: Madison Holroyd, LCS Group

What is Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE)?

New Commerce Experience or shortened to NCE is a program launched by Microsoft to reduce the complexity of purchasing seat-based offers such as Microsoft 365. This is to align all channels of purchasing licencing to the same consistent and standardized purchase model.

What does this change mean?

These changes will impact the way Microsoft 365 Licences are purchased by offering either 3-year, annual or monthly subscriptions. Find more information on each subscription commitment below:

NCE Microsoft 365 Price Increase May 2022Monthly subscriptions are available for selected products to give you the flexibility you need without committing to a longer term but will come at a 20% price premium.

If you wish to commit for a longer term this will come at a reduced price compared to the monthly and the price will be locked in for the entire term.

For any term commitment you will be able to increase the quantity or upgrade your subscription at any time, but you are not able to decrease until the renewal date. The cancellation window for any new subscriptions is 120 hours where you will receive either a full or prorated refund depending on the number of hours passed.

Subscriptions can be ‘mixed and matched’ so you can run a monthly and annual term subscription side by side to give you both the flexibility for changes and price benefits.

When are these changes taking effect?

For anyone with an existing Microsoft 365 tenancy,  you will need to migrate to the new agreement by June 30th 2022.

What do we need to do?

We are here to help you navigate these new changes and assist you in deciding the best agreement for your business. For our existing customers your dedicated account manager will be in touch over the coming weeks to discuss and help you get the most from your licences in plenty of time before the deadline.